Hibou Update

Greetings from the Friends of Hibou!

Perhaps Covid-19 Pandemic isolation time is a  good time for you to browse through our web site.  It could even possibly be a family activity time.  You might want to plan some activities at Hibou when this is over in the summer. 

We recently posted a new set of photos taken by Tom Hakala.  Go to Nature Photos .

Tom’s creative photography shares with us some of winter’s splendor.  A great example of making the best of life’s challenges. 

We are disappointed that the Pandemic has meant that the Grey Sauble Parks and Trails have been closed.  Hopefully all the cancellations and closures will shorten the time this lasts.  We had some events planned for this spring.  Sadly we are not sure when we will be able to reschedule them.  Keep checking.  Our committee will have a virtual meeting in April and hope to come up with whatever we can with some degree of certainty. 

Being in nature can be an excellent way to de-stress.  Nature is a healer.  Spend quiet time there.

Happy New Year

Friends of Hibou are excited about the new year coming up.  We developed a Newsletter which we sent out to a few people.  Now it is time to share that information more on our web site, Face Book Page and LinkedIn!   Certainly we will be sending out  more information over the next few months as our plans solidify.  Are you curious? You have to read about it in the Newsletter.  Click on the link below to read it.

Newsletter 2020 b

If you are interested in volunteering in any of the things we talk about in the newsletter, please let me know.                   marieknapp@rogers.com

Want to know more about things we have done?  Go to our website www.friendsofhibou.com and check out the project photos.

Happy New Year

April 25, 2019 Hibou Beach Clean-up

Happy Spring!  Time to get working on the Sandy Beach Clean-up at Hibou again. It does make a difference. Unfortunately last year was put off due to weather.

When: Thursday April 25th 9:30 till noon or so

Where: meet us at the beach parking lot.

What to bring: Pitchforks and Wheel barrows are most useful. Rakes help you pull the debris up and onto the shore as much is still in the water this year.  You will need rubber boots as often you will be at the water’s edge. Work gloves can also be helpful. Bring  water and a snack.

If heavy rain, we will postpone. We will work if only drizzling.

Please let us know if you plan to join us.  Your help would be much appreciated.

rmknapp@yahoo.com or 519-371-1255 (can leave a message)

Thank You Jake

On Saturday Nov 17 2018, Jake Doherty, one of the founding  members of Friends of Hibou passed away in Ottawa.  It is with sadness and appreciation that we reflect on his enthusiastic support of this group.  Jake  lived along the shore just south of Hibou Conservation Area and walked the trails and shoreline regularly.  He valued nature and the outdoors  and brought a friendly spirit to the work we were doing there.  The picture was taken in 2015 during one of our shoreline  clean-up days.  Thank you Jake for all that you have given to our community over the years.