HIBOU_LG mapHibou has a total of 133 hectares with over 2 kilometers of shoreline.  The sandy beach is at the north end.  About 4 kilometers of trails lie mostly on the swamp side of the road.  The trails are good for hiking, skiing and snowshoeing, but at times can be rather wet.  A number of boardwalks cross wet portions of the trail.  There is a trail that links these trails with the Tom Thomson Trail.

Heading south from the sandy beach (Paynter’s Bay) there are lots of fascinating rocks.  The water is shallow all along and it makes a pleasant hike.  You can walk undisturbed and marvel at the water, rocks and trees.


Don’t forget to take along the Interpretive Brochure for your self-guided hike.  You can download it to your phone or pick one up at the Interpretive Sign located at the 2 RED trail entrances at Grey Road 15.


*Tom Thomson Trail: The Hibou Trail is linked to the Tom Thomson Trail, noted in yellow on the above map.


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