About Hibou

Committee members for the Friends of Hibou members are:

    •  Robert Knapp          Co-Chair
    • Marie Knapp             Co-Chair
    • Ev Holley                   Secretary
    • Don Sankey              Member at Large
    • Carol Harris              Website and Facebook
    • Colleen Walker        Member at Large
    • John Cottrill.            Member at Large
    • Chris Hachey            Grey Sauble Conserv’n  Rep

Maps of Hibou Trails

printable static map of Hibou

Interactive Map of Hibou Conservation Area and surroundings


Link to Tom Thomson Trail

We are pleased to have been able to link the trails on the east side of the road to the Tom Thomson Trail. 

On that web site you can see a map and description of the trail.

The Tom Thomson Trail joins the Georgian Trail to Collingwood in Meaford.

How the Hibou Conservation Area was begun

Hibou Conservation Area was purchased in 1973 from the McLaughlin Estate.  It consisted of 182 acres then. In 1974, one hundred and forty-six acres were purchased from Jaff Rutherford to make a total of 328 acres or 133 hectares.

Fred Geberdt and Bob Knapp led a campaign in 1972 to purchase the property with the assistance of Malcolm Kirk.  Many other local people assisted and raised donations to meet one-quarter of the cost.  The provincial government then agreed to add three-quarters of the cost to purchase the land.

Originally the name was to be Squaw Point because of the prominent land feature.  But in 1974, it was renamed Hibou after the boat that had sunk off the shore.

Over the years, trails have been built and the two kilometers of shoreline has been enjoyed by many.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of Hibou, a book is available about The Story of Hibou by Robert Knapp ($10).  It is available at the Grey Sauble Conservation office or by contacting the author at friendsofhibou@rogers.com .