4 thoughts on “Summer Newsletter 2021”

  1. Hi Marie,

    Interesting newsletter. There is always plenty of work to do at Hibou. I would like to help but do well to keep my own yard in good shape. Was very surprised to see that a playground was going in this spring. I was of the impression that playground equipment was not considered nature-loving by the Conservation Authority. Sad to see those two big trees down along the beach area.

    Just reminded me that one day during the winter I was on my own without the dog and just about to start the trail into the Mary Ellen Cottage area when I saw a large healthy looking, lovely grey dog coming down the trail towards me so I thought it was running loose and off leash. Waited for a moment but no human appeared. That’s when I realized it was a coyote sauntering along. It must have sensed that a human was nearby and turned off south into the swamp in no hurry. Made my day but was disappointed that I had not been quick enough to take a picture. Then I started to watch for tracks in the snow through the bush. There are many coyotes in the area as I saw a similar one near the soccer field last fall. Such a treat to see wildlife when you least expect it.

    Enjoy these summery days,



    1. Good to hear from you Ev.
      Different administration has different views. It will be another attractive feature.
      It is neat to see wildlife. Hibou is an amazing property with such diversity. Glad you are enjoying it.


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