To All the Supporters of the Friends of Hibou

Approaching the end of 2017, our small committee has come together to examine our progress so far. While we have had some set backs, in all we have continued to support conservation at Hibou.
You, our supporters, have contributed in a variety of ways. We are grateful for your enthusiasm. Several of you have given of your time and energy to help with trail clipping, beach clean up and boardwalk building. The trails continue to be used by those who value and appreciate having such a Natural area so close to Owen Sound and the small communities within Meaford and Georgian Bluffs. We hear that some folk have brought their visiting family and friends to experience the beauty of the area. Thank you.

Other supporters have contributed in helping us fund our projects with grants available through their organizations. It feels like the right thing to do when we see local money contributing to a local project. The current project that we hope will be completed by summer 2018 is the Interpretive Wetland Trail. The pamphlet is done. The large signs are in the making and will be installed likely as soon as the soil permits in the spring. We look forward to announcing the opening of the trail when it is completed. It will serve all ages; it will be a place families can bring the children and teachers can take students.

We look forward to continuing an effective and pleasant working relationship with the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority with Jason Traynor.   This relationship was established under the leadership of John Cottrill and Chris Hachey.  Friends of Hibou have made a significant difference, helping GSCA with the care and maintenance of the area.  We look forward to continuing this in the future.

We wish to thank you for all that you do and will continue to do to support the conservation of this natural area. We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a year of good health, joy, peace and good times.

Friends of Hibou committee

Very soon, we will be posting the dates of events in early 2017. Keep watching.

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