Can You Help?

OCt 2013 cThank you to the Volunteers who have been so helpful as we at Friends of Hibou work to enhance the Hibou beach and wetlands.  We would love to have volunteers help us again.

If you can use a hammer and help lift boards, and if you have 2-3 hours to spare, we would sure love to have you join us next week the mornings of July 27 and 28.  We are constructing boardwalks that we will install at a later date to replace some of the old ones from years ago.  Pre-cut wood will already be there.

When: Wednesday July 27 and Thursday July 28 … 9:00 to 12:30

Where:  Go to the main Beach entrance.  Meet at the left side of the parking lot by the garage.

If you are pretty sure you can join us, please let us know.  Email Bob Knapp or call us at 519-371-1255.  

If you aren’t sure but might make it feel free to show up the day of the work team.  We welcome your help.

Bring a hammer, work gloves and ear protection if you have them, as well as water. And a bathing suit if you wish to swim at the beautiful beach after.

With thanks from the Friends of Hibou

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