Boardwalks moved back and ready to be installed

Hello All volunteers,

OCt 2013 cWe have good news.   The GSCA has moved the boardwalk out to the area in Hibou where they will be installed.  A big thank you to  Chris Hachey.  There are approximately 24 eight foot sections that we will need to place and attach together with a screw gun using a piece of 2×6.  The sections will sit on cement blocks that are at location.  The area where they are being placed is dry at this present time, but boots would be good to have while working.

We have set aside Wed. Sept. 10 and Thurs. Sept. 11 as work days.  If we can get 8 volunteers most of the work should be completed in 1 day with Thurs. saved as a back up or rain day.

If you could help us to install boardwalk on Wednesday simply give me a phone call(519 371 1255) or send me an email    We will meet at 9:00am at the north end of the park by the main entrance to the beach.

We will have some snacks available but you might like to bring your own water and some lunch if you are able to stay for the day.

I am really looking forward to getting this boardwalk installed after all the preliminary work we have done.  Hope you can make it.

Bob Knapp Chair Friends of Hibou

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