Installing the Boardwalk: July 2 and 3

Volunteers helped build the boardwalk.  Now it is time to put it in place.

When: Wed. July 2, and Thurs. July 3  9:00am-4:00pm  Oct 2013 e

Sections will be transported by truck to the wet area.  We will set the sections on blocks and attach them together using a screw gun (Robertson Red Head).   The boardwalk will be over 200 feet long and each section is 8 feet long.

Would you be able to help us?  You can volunteer both days, 1 day or half a day.   Half Day will be from 9:00-12:30  or 1:00-4:00.   We will have snacks available.  Please bring drinking water.  If you have a screw gun, could bring it too.

If you can help:  Please email me or phone me at 519 371 1255

Meeting Place will be at the Beach Parking Lot.   The work area is along the farthest north trail and extends to the trail close to the link to the Tom Thomson Trail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Bob Knapp


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