Volunteers Monday July 19 9am till noon

We are looking for more volunteers to help us do trail clipping and cleaning litter along the length of shoreline

WHEN:  Monday morning July 19, 9am till noon

WHERE TO MEET: at the south parking lot by the pump house.

WHAT TO BRING: water, insect repellent, comfortable work gloves, clippers for clipping the trail, small garbage bag is you have some for litter pick up.

THE PLAN: We will divide into smaller groups. we hope for six people to do clipping. Two groups on the interpretive trail and one  group on The Point Trail across the road.

We will also have three groups to do litter pick up along the shore. 

With the lower water, there is more shoreline to pick up things that the waves have deposited (not wood). We will also ask you to dismantle any firepits you see as these are not allowed at Hibou.

It is helpful if you let us know that you are able to join us. 

Email me at     friendsofhibou@rogers.com

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